Canaiden LLC, publishers of Stamford Plus magazine, launch Norwalk Plus magazine December 1, 2006
By Canaiden LLC
Nov 30, 2006 - 9:06:14 PM

Canaiden LLC, publishers of Stamford Plus magazine and, will launch the new Norwalk Plus magazine – the Magazine for Norwalk tomorrow, December 1, 2006, at 3:00 p.m. hosted by the Hilton Garden Inn in Norwalk, CT.

“Some people used to refer to the city as a “diamond in the rough”, yet with its amazing growth and transformation in the past few years, Norwalk has transformed into a brilliantly polished gem in the heart of Fairfield County with a beat of its own,” says Naiden Stoyanov, publisher of Stamford Plus and Norwalk Plus magazines and owner of Canaiden, LLC. “We live in exciting times for our area that sees an amazing growth and prosperity, promoted by hard work and great community spirit. A hot spot of diversity and energy that empowers business, inspires creativity and rejuvenates the mind.”

The anticipation of the premier issue of the magazine has been generating an excitement among the business and consumer community of Norwalk. Mayor Moccia will be the guest of honor at the launch event, helping unveil the cover of the first issue of Norwalk Plus that so far has been a closely guarded secret.

“Whether it is a matter of business or recreation or family life, Norwalk is in the process of implementing positive and long term enhancements that will make our city a wonderful place to live work and play for generations to come,” said Mayor Moccia.

Norwalk Plus magazine has already become a proud member of the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce and is working together with local businesses towards the continuous improvement of the city.

“Local government and the business community have worked hand-in-glove for so many years to create a wonderful environment in which to live, work and recreate. These tireless efforts have spawned a unique place that has become the model for blending the
rich traditions of the past with the ingenuity and creativity of the future,” observed Mr. Edward Musante, President and CEO of the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.

“We certainly will do our best to capture the unique character of the Norwalk lifestyle with its diversity and open-mindedness,” says Mr. Stoyanov about the magazine’s objectives in working with the Norwalk community.

Norwalk Plus magazine comes out on the first anniversary of the successful Stamford Plus magazine that already has the largest circulation among local independently published magazines in southern Fairfield County—15,000. The Magazine for Norwalk will have an initial circulation of 5,000 copies with an expected 15,000 people readership base.

The sister project of Norwalk Plus magazine - has also gone live. Modeled after, the website will be marketed as The Web Door to Norwalk with local news, weather, traffic, links and other useful information about Norwalk and the rest of southern Fairfield County.

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