Norwalk Fashion Week runway lineup announced
By New England Fashion + Design Association
May 7, 2008 - 10:54:42 AM

The lineup for the third annual Norwalk Fashion Week has been announced and it features a galaxy of up and coming stars of the New England fashion scene. The show will open this Thursday and run through Saturday (May 8th-10th, 2008) at the top floor of the Maritime Garage in downtown South Norwalk.

Norwalk Fashion Week is a chance for designers and models to showcase their talent within the fashion community of Fairfield County .

Each night, three to four designers, all based in either the Tri-state or New England areas will be showcasing their creations to the discerning Fairfield County public.

Tickets are $20 per night, or $45 for all three nights. Tickets may be purchased online at Parking in the Maritime Garage will be $3 each night of the show. Norwalk Fashion Week, the exciting bi-annual fashion showcase in New England, is open to the public. Below is the program for the Norwalk Fashion Week.

Here is the program for the complete three days of the show:

May 8th-Official Opening
Norwalk Fashion Week ‘008
Steven Stieplman –FIT
Irina Simeonova & Marc Feldman-NEF+DA
Graduation of the winter ‘08 stylist class


May 8th
7:30pm Christopher Uvenio-Parsons School of Design
8:30pm IrinaMarcMarcIrina
9:30pm Vera Kol

May 9th
7:00pm Adam Samuels
8:00pm Amy Bryant
9:00pm Nova Larraine
10:00pm Erika Ashkin

May 10th
10:00pm Jessica Proulx
8:00pm Rashya Thompson
7:00pm Aisha Perez
10:00pm Jessica Butler

- New England Fashion+Design Association
- SoNo Design Co-Op
- Hauterfly Magazine
- Chief Officers: Jessica Proulx and Jason Setiawan

- Norwalk Parking Authority
- Contemporary Lights
- Renasci Academy of Hair Inc.

Special thanks to:
- Kathy Huber-supporter
- Naiden Stoyanov-Publisher
- Patrick Eagelton-lights
- David Bloom-supporter
- Hristo Bakalov-photographer
- Jason Setiawan-photographer

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