Bysiewicz: No one in Connecticut will be disenfranchised due to home foreclosure
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Oct 17, 2008 - 1:55 PM

Secretary of the State Reminds Recently Displaced Voters to Check Their Registration Status Before October 28th Deadline

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz today sought to reassure thousands of Connecticut residents recently victimized by the sub-prime lending crisis that they will not be denied the right to vote if they have lost their homes due to foreclosure. Recent national news reports indicate voters who have lost homes due to foreclosure may be disenfranchised in some states if their residency or registration status is challenged on Election Day.

“Those already facing the upheaval of losing a home will not be kept from exercising their fundamental right to vote,” said Bysiewicz. “Any eligible voter displaced by home foreclosure or in a short-term living situation should immediately check with their registrar of voters in the town where they are currently living. If necessary, they should re-register to vote so their voices can be heard on November 4th.

Bysiewicz continued: “The turmoil in our financial markets has been very painful for many families in Connecticut. So far this year, our state has seen nearly 20,000 home foreclosures. That means potentially 50,000 people or more have had to find new homes in 2008. But even with a change in address, you still have a right to vote. I want to make it clear to everyone hurt by this crisis: make sure you participate in the most historic election since the 1930s. Help shape the future direction of this country by registering and voting on November 4th. There is a little more than a week left to register.”

Connecticut residents have until Tuesday October 28th at 8:00 p.m. to register to vote in person at their town hall. Under state law, anyone who has recently moved within a town must notify registrars of their new address. Anyone who has recently moved to a new town must re-register before October 28th in order to vote on Election Day. State law requires that eligible voters must be bona fide residents of the town in which they register.

Secretary Bysiewicz is urging anyone who has questions about their registration status to call their local registrars of voters. Voters can also download voter registration forms from the Secretary of the State’s office and learn how to use Connecticut’s new optical scan voting machines by going online to:

Bysiewicz is expecting a record turnout for the 2008 General Elections. So far, more than 220,000 new Connecticut voters have registered, putting the total number of registered voters in the state at over 2,000,000.

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