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News Jan 5, 2018 - 1:57:47 AM

Stamford Connecticut Winter Storm Update

By Stamford Mayor Martin's office

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STAMFORD, CT – Stamford Mayor Martin announces a Winter Storm warning remains in effect until 1:00 am Friday January 5, 2018, with a Wind Chill Advisory in effect from January 4th until January 6th at 10:00 AM.

Approximately eight inches of snow fell in Stamford with many deep snow drifts. Roads are snow packed but passable. If you must be on the roads continue to use caution. “The City of Stamford Operations Department has been working hard to ensure that city roads are clear and safe for driving. Residents are asked to continue to avoid being on the roads unless necessary until operations are complete. I also ask that residents remain safe after this storm while cleaning up, driving, or while outdoors enjoying the snow.” stated Mayor David Martin.

Stamford Public Schools are closed tomorrow, Friday January 5, 2018.
Trash and recycling pickup for tomorrow will be for Thursday January 4, 2018.

City garages are open and free for residents to park until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, Friday, January 5th.
City garages are located at:
• Bedford Street Garage – 17 Forest Street
• Bell Street Garage – 28 Bell Street
• Summer Street Garage – 100 Summer Street

The City’s Emergency Operations Center will continue to monitor this winter storm event. There were several power outages reported affecting 20 Eversource customers, seven minor motor vehicle accidents and a water main break on Market Street that is being repaired by Aquarion.

Operations crews will continue to respond to the winter storm event utilizing more than 42 plows and other equipment.

Important Information:
• Communicate with and help people who require special assistance, such as elderly people living alone, people with disabilities and children.
• Avoid driving until road conditions have improved.
• The Government Center will continue to be utilized as a warming station from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. An overnight warming center will continue to be open from 8PM to 8:00 AM at Inspirica at 8 Woodland Place, Stamford.

• Precautions for Shoveling Snow:
o Avoid overexertion. Heart attacks from shoveling snow are the leading cause of deaths during the winter.
o If you are inactive or have a history of heart trouble, talk to your doctor before taking on the task of shoveling snow.
o Protect your back from injury by lifting correctly. Correct lifting includes lifting with your knees and keeping the load close to your body. It is also important to avoid twisting motions when moving; instead reposition your feet to a better position before dumping snow.
o Drink plenty of water while engaging in this rigorous outdoor activity. Dehydration is a winter issue just like it is in the summer months.
o Take it slow! Shoveling can raise your heart rate and blood pressure dramatically. Be sure to stretch out and warm up before taking on the task.
o Use a shovel with a small blade and take small scoops, especially when shoveling wet snow.
o Whether shoveling or using a snow thrower, do so during the warmest part of the day.

• Removal of Snow and Ice Ordinance: Snow is required to be removed within twelve (12) hours after snow fall or freezing; or if such fall or freezing is in the nighttime, before 10:00 a.m. of the succeeding day. Any person who violates this section shall be fined ninety dollars ($90.) for each offense. Stamford ordinance states: The owner, occupant or person or condominium association in charge of any land in the city which is in front of, along or adjoining any sidewalk shall, after the ceasing of the fall of snow or ice on such sidewalk and after the freezing of any water or moisture thereon, remove or cause to be removed such snow or ice from such sidewalk, and if the same cannot be wholly removed, shall sprinkle or cause to be sprinkled thereon sand or other proper substance so that such sidewalk shall be safe for public travel.
(1) If such fall of snow or ice or such freezing of water or moisture is in the daytime, it shall be removed within twelve (12) hours of the ceasing of such fall or freezing; or if such fall or freezing is in the nighttime, before 10:00 a.m. of the succeeding day.
(2) Any person who violates this section shall be fined ninety dollars ($90.) for each offense.

• Adopt-A-Fire Hydrant: If you live near a fire hydrant, please clear the hydrant of snow to help fire crews in the event of an emergency. See the Stamford Fire Department Adopt-A- Hydrant Program

• Frostbite: Protect yourself from frostbite and hypothermia by wearing warm, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing in several layers. Stay indoors, if possible. At the first signs of redness or pain in any skin area, get out of the cold or protect any exposed skin—frostbite may be beginning. Any of the following signs may indicate frostbite:
o a white or grayish-yellow skin area
o skin that feels unusually firm or waxy
o numbness
If you detect symptoms of frostbite, seek medical care immediately.

• Vehicle Safety:
o Snow and ice is mandated to be removed from passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, including vehicle roofs,because of the dangers of ice missiles.
o Ensure that the vehicle’s exhaust system is not blocked by snow to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
o Black Ice on Roadways: Black Ice typically forms when melted snow or ice freezes from the temperature of the ground. This is a very dangerous condition. Use caution while driving after this winter storm and during winter months. Unsafe road conditions should be reported to the Nonemergency Communications number at 203-977-4444.

• Carbon Monoxide: To avoid carbon monoxide after a storm, you should inspect and clear snow from any natural gas meters or furnace vents. Indoors, always open flues when fireplaces are in use. Never use a gas kitchen oven to heat your home or use gas or charcoal grills indoors.
• Pedestrian Safety: Watch your step. Injuries resulting from falls on icy surfaces run the gamut from lacerations and broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. Take your time and walk with slower, shorter steps. Make sure you are wearing warm, insulated footwear with rubber tread for good traction.

• Care for your Pet: Reminder to bring pets/companion animals inside during winter weather.

• Garbage Pickup: As described above.

• Register with Stamford’s Emergency Notification System, and CT Alert to receive a phone message, text message whenever there is an urgent announcement or situational update. Visit and click on the “Register for Alerts”.

• Stay Informed: Be sure to repeatedly check your local TV and radio stations, and the City’s website for news and information as it becomes available.

• City of Stamford’s Emergency Hotline – 203-977-8840
• WSTC Radio - 1400 AM
• WSHU Stamford Radio – 91.1 FM
• WGCH Radio - 1490 AM
• Fox Radio 95.9 FM
• News 12 Connecticut, Channel 12
To prepare for and respond to severe weather visit:

Be Prepared Stamford:
CT Dept. of Public Health:
FEMA’s Ready.Gov:
National Weather Service:

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