Back to Cool this new school year
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Sep 3, 2009 - 10:58 PM

This fall children are going back to school with styles that bring back the spirit of the 80s (with a few updated additions to the trends…).

The accent this year stresses on layers for both boys and girls. Create that vintage look by combining your favorite type of jeans (skinny or distressed jeans are the choice of many fashionistas) with a nice top and a suitable cardigan. Accessories are very important! Scarves, hats, even fingerless gloves are a must for the trendy student. Popular Disney characters are seen on earrings, bracelets and necklaces for girls. And for the more grown-up children, there is a fine choice of big bangle bracelets to reflect that 80s look, combined with earrings of the same style.

Stripes, checkers and different prints are seen in all clothing and could be perfectly combined with accessories having the same pattern. Graphic tees, punk prints and neon looks all carry the ultimate autumn breeze of fashion for students of all ages.

The colors, too, reflect the spirit of fall. Green, orange, brown and red, along with pink and purple, are the choice of many designers around the world and are seen in striped polos and tees for boys, as well as on striped dresses and floral designs for girls.

Girls, who prefer to wear a more uniform-like back to school apparel, would enjoy the pleated scooters, combined with a nice shirt and leggings—
a classic choice that will never go out of fashion. Offers for boys include a good diversity of khaki pants, and shirts (included in designers’ catalogues are polo, deck, or regular shirts, which could also be striped or checkered). A nice jacket or a blazer completes this preppy look!

Flat shoes kick the flip flops off the runway and come in a variety of styles to match the different fashion looks this season. Comfortable leather shoes with laces are seen among collections for both boys and girls. However, young ladies are encouraged to wear their outfits with the cute ballet flats and sneakers that promise to be especially hip this season.

As far as gadgets go, a nice choice is the LG VU CU920 phone, which has a 2.0 MP camera and a qwerty keyboard for easy texting. For Blackberry lovers, the Blackberry Curve 8900 is a good alternative, providing a camera of 3.2 MP, and an MP3 player. Speaking of music, ipod accessories have overflown the market. From different skins and cases (with designs and images for almost any taste; especially likeable are the Hello Kitty patterns), to matching headsets in a variety of shapes and colors, these additions make a fine choice to be combined with your clothing preferences.

Backpacks come without many changes in style this season. A variety of prints and designs perfectly complete the prevailing clothing trends. Coming in big, fit-everything-you-need sizes, they add a great finishing touch for your child who is now ready to hit the books again. For all the TV fanatics out there, there are backpacks with images of almost any popular character and show one could think of. Disney characters are seen here again as a hit choice among tweens and are also displayed on corresponding lunch bags and boxes. Notebooks, pens, pencils and rulers carry the same designs, too.

Now, after checking off everything from the list, your child is ready to be once again the smartest and the best looking in the entire class! Good luck!

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