Stamford Hospital physicians recognized as “top docs”
By Stamford Hospital physicians recognized as “top docs”
Apr 4, 2011 - 1:25 AM

Connecticut Magazine has named 90 Stamford Hospital physicians in its annual list of Top Doctors. More than 5,000 questionnaires were sent to doctors from one end of Connecticut to the other asking them to recommend a doctor to whom they would send a loved one for expert medical care.

In this year’s survey, the focus was on general internal medicine as well as the specialties of allergy and immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, family medicine, geriatric medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and hematology, physical medicine, podiatry, radiology, and rheumatology. The most recommended doctors, as well as top finishers from 2008-2010 made the final list.

“It is amazing how our list of Top Docs continues to grow,” said Dr. John Rodis, Chief of the Hospital’s Medical Staff. “We are extraordinarily proud of the physicians affiliated with Stamford Hospital both in terms of their expertise as well as their dedication to patient care. It certainly is gratifying to know that the work of so many is recognized and well respected by our peers.”

The Stamford Hospital physicians recognized this year include:

Cos Cob:
Dr. Glenn E. Ostriker (ophthalmology)

Dr. Scott L. Simon (neurological surgery)

Dr. Denis Bouboulis (allergy/immunology)

Dr. Robert H. Lovegrove (urology)

Dr. James M. McClane (colon & rectal surgery)

Dr. David Passaretti (plastic reconstructive surgery)

Dr. Irene J. Tan (rheumatology)

Dr. Evangelos D. Xistris (neurology)

Dr. Paul J. Apostolides (neurological surgery)

Dr. Mark H. Camel (neurological surgery)

Dr. Corinne E. de Cholnoky (obstetrics & gynecology)

Dr. Jeanne M. Marconi (pediatrics)

Dr. Louise D. Resor (neurology)

Dr. Alice H. Rusk (neurology)

Dr. Stephen J. Salzer (otolaryngology)

Dr. Richard P. Santarosa (urology)

New Canaan:
Dr. Michael H. Bar (oncology hematology)

Dr. Gary S. Besser (obstetrics & gynecology)

Dr. Steven A. Bramwit (otolaryngology)

Dr. Jeffrey J. Brooks (orthopedic surgery)

Dr. Sherman M. Bull (surgery)

Dr. Leonard Ferrucci (obstetrics & gynecology)

Dr. Timothy S. Hall (thoracic surgery)

Dr. William H. Hines (nephrology)

Dr. Sarah A. Kahn (gastroenterology)

Dr. Sharon W. Karp (rheumatology)

Dr. Timothy H. Kenefick (pediatrics)

Dr. Rosemary E. Klenk (pediatrics)

Dr. James S. Krinsley (pulmonary disease)

Dr. Mark D. Litchman (allergy/immunology)

Dr. Michael J. Nurzia (urology)

Dr. C. Cory Rosenstein (neurological surgery)

Dr. Tomas J. Vietorisz (rheumatology)

Dr. Jonathan A. Waxberg (urology)

Dr. Antonio Pantaleo (endocrinology)

Dr. Dominic J. Roca (pulmonary disease)

Old Greenwich:
Dr. Rudy T. Andriani (urology)

Dr. Mary E. Arden-Cordone (endocrinology)

Dr. James A. Bonheur (bariatric medicine)

Dr. Eric Y. Brown (nephrology)

Dr. Robert M. Dettmer (gastroenterology)

Dr. Neil P. Dreyer (internal medicine)

Dr. Simon J. Epstein (psychiatry)

Dr. Peter W. Gardner (gastroenterology)

Dr. John M. Greeley (family medicine)

Dr. Jennifer E. Henkind (pediatrics)

Dr. Peter W. Hughes (orthopedic surgery)

Dr. Michael H. King (radiology)

Dr. Bruce H. Klenoff (otolaryngology)

Dr. Jason R. Klenoff (otolaryngology)

Dr. Arnold B. Korval (pediatrics)

Dr. Dorothy A. Levine (pediatrics)

Dr. Ted E. Listokin (internal medicine)

Dr. Charles E. Littlejohn (colon & rectal surgery)

Dr. K.M. Steven Lo (oncology hematology)

Dr. Alan H. Morelli (pediatrics)

Dr. Ellen S. Naidorf (dermatology)

Dr. Marc Robin (family medicine)

Dr. Noel I. Robin (endocrinology)

Dr. Harry S. Romanowitz (pediatrics)

Dr. Remi M. Rosenberg (internal medicine)

Dr. Paul Sachs (pulmonary disease)

Dr. Richard C. Sheinbaum (gastroenterology)

Dr. Sanford L. Swidler (pediatrics)

Dr. Steven A. Thau (pulmonary disease)

Dr. Craig D. Tifford (orthopedic surgery)

Dr. Esteban C. Vietorisz (ophthalmology)

Dr. Stuart Waldstreicher (gastroenterology)

Dr. Susan E Lasky (pediatrics)

Dr. Steven J. McClane (colon & rectal surgery)

Dr. Rodrigo Acosta (family medicine)

Dr. Debra L. Pruzan-Clain (dermatology)

Dr. Elizabeth Siderides (ophthalmology)

Dr. Steven A Kolenik (dermatology)

Dr. Justin O. Schechter (psychiatry)

Dr. Adam R. Brodsky (orthopedic surgery)

Dr. Jeffrey A. Green (cardiology)

Dr. David J. Lomnitz (cardiology)

Dr. Leif O. Nordberg (plastic reconstructive surgery)

Dr. Andrew H. Rice (podiatry)

Dr. Charles B. Augenbraun (cardiology)

Dr. Paul S. Lindner (allergy/immunology)

Dr. Craig H. Olin (internal medicine)

Dr. Michael D. Zucker (internal medicine)

New York Dr. Brenda S. Chan (nephrology) of Riverdale

Dr. Philip Overby (neurology) of Bronxville

Dr. Kevin D. Plancher (orthopedic surgery) of New York City

Dr. Arthur R. Rosenstock (plastic reconstructive surgery) of Pound Ridge

Dr. Ravi K. Thakur (radiology) of New York City

Dr. Eric L. Wasserman (ophthalmology) of Pound Ridge

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